Workshop Tutorials

Workshop Tutorials give our students individualised assistance with their learning.

All students are strongly encouraged to attend at least one 1 hour weekly Workshop for their enrolled subjects.

Workshop Tutorials can help students with the following:

  • Receive help with homework or schoolwork
  • Clarify concepts covered in class
  • Receive catch up for missed lessons
  • Receive guidance on school assignments and assessment tasks

Required action: soon after you enrol, please email your preferred workshop timeslot and we will reserve your preferred timeslot for you.

The same tutors that take our classes take our Workshop Tutorials. Students receive individualised assistance with whatever they need. Even if a student doesn’t need any help for a particular week, we still strongly encourage students attend their weekly 1 hour workshop, if simply to get started on their homework for the week.

Should a student require more assistance than their weekly 1 hour Workshop, we can book them in for more without extra charge, subject to availability.

Workshop Tutorials are our way of ensuring all of our students reach the standard of achievement we require, and no one is left behind.

Workshop Tutorials Timetable

Please refer to our class timetables – Parramatta and Bondi Junction.

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