About Dux College

Dedicated to Students

Dux College was founded in 2009 by two dedicated school teachers who noticed a lack of quality tutoring options for students who have ATAR goals to meet.

Over the years, Dux College has grown by word of mouth as satisfied students and parents recommend our services to their friends and family. Today, Dux College is the choice of 1000+ students and their families each year to help achieve their ATAR goals.

What sets us apart from the rest

Why choose Dux College over other tutoring centres?

Dux College offers a uniquely individualised method of tutoring which caters to each and every student. We specialise in HSC tutoring and preparation. We tutor from Year 9 upwards, allowing us to focus and put all our resources into building the foundation and preparing students for their HSC year.

Small Class Sizes for 1-1 attention

At Dux College, our average class has 5 students, if a class gets too large, we split it off. This way our highly qualified tutors are able to focus on each student and provide individualised attention. The content, pace and timings of classes can be catered to the student. Our small class sizes allow students of all levels improve their marks and
achieve the full potential.

Free Support outside of Class

We help our students outside of class hours!

  • Extra help outside of class: workshop tutorials are available for students who need some extra face to face help with their homework or school work.
  • Student Forums: students have access to our discussion forums where they can ask for homework help during the week before their next class.
  • Access to our resources: students can download 1000s of past papers with solutions, sample band 6 essays, course summaries, and exam study guides from our resources section.

Compare us with others:

Pricing Hours per session Class Size Extra workshops and help outside of class hour
Dux College $30-$37 per hour
Multiple Subject
Additional discount if early payment is made
2 hours
3 hours for
HSC Maths Ext. 2
Small group sessions
(average 5 students per class)
Yes, workshops for 1-1 help and online forums
$44-$46.22 per hour Year 7-11: 1.5 hours
Year 12: 3 hours
Large group sessions No
Talent 100 $34-$60 per hour 1.5-3 hours based on subject Small group sessions
(average 8 students per class)
Yes, one hour per week
Dymocks Tutoring $35 per hour 3-hour lessons for most subjects Large group sessions Yes, one hour per week

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